Simply hospitable

The Hotel & Guesthouse Alpina will soon be 100 years old. A whiff of time, when you consider how old the stone slabs on the roof are: millions of years. But in all likelihood the Hotel & Guesthouse Alpina is not about time, but about timelessness.

It is quite possible that you, our valued guests, will for a while forget time. You will not be constantly thinking about what you should do tomorrow or what you are missing today. It is quite possible that you will just simply be here. Entirely within yourself, entirely with us.

Family Kühne

We do our best to make that happen. We, Jasmin and Marco Kühne with family, as well as the 15-strong "Alpina Team". We have the good fortune to run this hotel in the fourth family generation. And hopefully we will also be fortunate enough to welcome you soon.

The history of the Hotel & Guesthouse Alpina

1929 Acquisition of the property by Ferdinand Schnider. The former Gasthaus Albin becomes the Alpina

1947 the Alpina is handed over to daughter in law Hedwig Schnider.

1960 Renovation Alpina

1989 Family handover to daughter Ursula Schnider & husband Karl Kühne.

1996 Opening of the Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor. New guests interested in architecture discover Vals

2001 Renovation with Gion A. Caminada (Vrin)
During the first stage of the renovation, the facade, the ground floor, the dining restaurant on the first floor and three guest rooms were renovated.


2006 Renovation of the floors and corridors on the 2nd and 3rd floors with new hotel rooms.

2020 Refurbishment of four rooms by Gion A. Caminada.

2019 Handover of operational management to son Marco Kühne & wife Jasmin Kühne.

2029 Expected anniversary: 100 years of Alpina

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